Liberty 101: Self-Ownership

Last month we established the foundation of liberty. Negative liberty with its “freedom from oppressive force,” including such liberties as speech, assembly, religion, and defense, and positive liberty with its interventionist policies that infringe upon the negative liberties of others. In last month’s column, Liberty 101: What is Liberty, it is noted that negative liberties […]

Liberty 101: What is Liberty

It has been called the foundation of Western Civilization. Thomas Jefferson famously wrote that its tree “must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots.” It is synonymous with the word “freedom.” But what is liberty, and where is it derived? Is it something worth killing and dying for as Jefferson suggested? Let us […]

The Pain in Loss

My dad had always been a guiding hand for me. That nudge I needed to get where I am going. When I was younger, he was sometimes even a shove when it involved doing something that I’d rather. It didn’t matter what it was, he always had advice for what I should do or what […]

FanDuel CEO Says Stupid Things

Reported in the Wall Street Journal, FanDuel CEO Nigel Eccles is calling for more government intervention to regulate fantasy sports. He said a plan announced this week by the industry’s trade group to police itself with an outside control board is positive but doesn’t go far enough. “Consumers want a higher level of protection,” he […]

Are Libertarians Rational

Over at his blog, Matt Bruenig has a post titled “Why Are Libertarians Mostly Men.” As you can expect from Buenig, his position is denigrating toward libertarians. Every so often, people opine on the question of why libertarians are mostly men (Jeet Heer, Kevin Drum, Brink Lindsey). As someone more interested in the philosophical debate, not the […]