The City of Rogers Hopes You Have Fun (But Not Too Much Fun)

Courtesy of the Rogers Police Department, this bit of anti-freedom and anti-fun news.

The 7 most important things you need to know about the City of Rogers Fireworks Ordinance:

1) You can only use fireworks in the city on July 3 through July 5.

What makes the city think it can tell people what they can do on their own properties? What if someone want to have fireworks to celebrate a birthday or anniversary? Oops, sorry, civilian. You signed the “Rogers Social Contract” that you gave up control of your property rights when you moved into the city.

2) Fireworks are allowed between the hours of 11 am and 11 pm.

See 1.

3) aerial fireworks attached to a stick (bottle rockets) are not permitted.

I know this ordinance has to do with blow over of trash from one property to the next, but that is between property owners and wouldn’t involve the city unless called upon to be arbiter.

4) No fireworks shall be used or discharged on city property.

Don’t shoot fireworks on the property your tax dollars pay for.

5) No fireworks shall be used or discharged on private property without the consent of the property owner.

Captain Obvious thinks this is a redundant ordinance.

6) Persons possessing or using fireworks in violation of this ordinance shall be punished by a fine and/or public service not to exceed ten days.

If you do not follow our decree, we shall steal your money or enslave you for a period of time no longer than 10 days.

7) A law enforcement officer or a code enforcement officer is authorized to seize all fireworks from persons violating the terms of this ordinance.

If you do not follow our decree, you shall steal your property as well.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend

Well, who couldn’t after reading that, right?

Of course this won’t stop any of the major fireworks displays on the 3rd and 4th that the City of Rogers and favored businesses/organizations will be sponsoring. We citizens just need to become more special.


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