Tyson Ends Contract With Abusive Farmer, Proves Free Market Works

Progressives assert that the market cannot regulate itself. That if it were up to the market, everybody would be getting horrible products at sky high prices, and the consumers would be completely ignored and neglected.

Well, I give you Exhibit A of why they are wrong.

Tyson cuts ties with farmer tied to abuse video

McDonald’s and its supplier Tyson Foods say they’ve cut ties with a chicken farmer after an advocacy group released a video taken with a hidden camera that the group said showed abusive practices at its farm.

The video was released by Mercy for Animals, an animal rights group that says it has released more than 40 similar videos in the past. The footage shows people scooping chickens into a bucket by whacking them with spike on the end of a pole, and standing on birds’ heads to break their necks.

What’s this? A giant corporation made the decision to end the contract with a farmer that has been shown to commit acts that the consumers find deplorable? Say it isn’t so!!! Impossible, I tell you!!!

Or maybe the market itself is regulatory, and people should realize they themselves are the regulators.


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