Growing Liberty in an Age of Tyranny

The presumptive nominees for the Democrat and Republican parties are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. If you created a freedom scale from A to Z, A being complete totalitarianism and Z being anarcho-capitalism, Hillary would be at about D and Trump would E. Big difference.

The Libertarian Party is currently the third largest party in the US, but it’s a joke that will probably pick either boring, ineffective Gary Johnson or the punchable face Austin Petersen. Truth is, the LP could reanimate Murray Rothbard and lead a coup to place him as king, and it would be as effective at growing liberty as Trump or Clinton as President.

Liberty will not be achieved by electing another President or Senator or Representative. It will nary be effected by State politicians either, though there is a better chance at gaining ground there. Michael Bolden has made tremendous stride with his 10th Amendment Center nullifying terrible federal bills. But even Michael doesn’t do it top down.

No. Like economics, liberty must be grown organically from the bottom up. It starts with you. You must be the liberty you want to see. If you don’t believe in liberty, then you cannot help it grow.

So start a study group with some friends and family. Analyze the classics such as Bastiat’s The Law or de La Boetie’s Discourse on Voluntary Servitude. We cannot grow liberty from Presidency. We must grow it from our neighborhoods.


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